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Mana Fashion Services Hosts Evening of Fashion, Art, and Cocktails

The Miami fashion community merged with art at last week’s happy hour event at Art N Folly, bringing together designers, artists, performers, and more industry professionals.

Oct 12, 2022 · 2 Minute Read

Last Thursday, Mana Fashion Services hosted a fashion industry happy hour in partnership with Art N Folly at the gallery’s newly opened space in Downtown Miami at 117 NE 1st Ave.

The event was a major success, connecting the fashion and art industries for an evening of fun, networking, and art appreciation.

Entrance of Art N Folly, Downtown Miami

Over 80 guests attended the exciting event, including designer Ema Savahl; Director of The Cobblers Lia Mariotto; COO of PARAISO Miami Beach, Natalija Stojanovic; Brazil Fashion Forum Co-Founder, Christiano Marchesini; Fashion Group International Regional Director, Elsa Berman; Founder of Girls.inc, Virginia Akar, and many more.

Miami-based dancer and choreographer Liony Garcy performed a piece from his latest work.

My work stems from a place of expression and desire to communicate in a personal and universal language. I’m also interested in the interplay between visual and time-based art, specifically how the symbolic can merge with the physical to transform meaning and association.

Liony Garcy, Dancer & Choreographer

The high-spirited crowd enjoyed small bites from Canapes USA, wine from Bodegas Manzanos, and cocktails by Harry Blu’s Gin and UME Plum Liquor.

Art N Folly is a multidisciplinary gallery focused on conceptual curatorial models relating to cultural, personal, and art historical investigations of identity. They only work with artists committed to the integrity of their respective arts in relation to the cultural climate. This past Summer, we interviewed Art N Folly’s owner, Valeray Francisco, as part of our ‘Small Business Spotlight’ series.

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To view images from last Thursday’s event, click below.

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