The Voices of our Community: Partnr305

Uncover the story of Amanda Nicol, the driving force behind Partnr305 and hear about her career evolution from art to entrepreneurship and her mission to promote sustainability in Miami.

Oct 10, 2023 · 8 Minute Read

Amanda, can you please share with the audience about your career background and what is your role now?

I’m thrilled to share my career highlights with you. Thank you. It’s been filled with innumerable opportunities, and I feel a bit like a cat with nine lives! Entrepreneurship runs in my veins, and I owe a lot of that spirit to my incredible grandmother, a true entrepreneurial powerhouse.

My professional journey started here on Lincoln Road. I was an assistant director at a gallery, representing photography, contemporary metalsmithing, and studio furniture in a space designed by architect Carlos Zapata. But the fine art world in the late ’90s was ahead of its time for Miami. I continued my journey in the art world in NYC before transitioning into jewelry. I launched my jewelry line in 45 stores across New York, Los Angeles, and even Japan – Fred Segal, Ron Herman, Kiran Zabête, and Tomorrowland. When the 2008 financial crisis hit, it took many businesses down, including mine. It was a challenging period, both financially and mentally. Although, I would not wish that challenge on my worst enemy, it was a blessing of growth for me. It provided valuable lessons in business, finance, and personal development.

Thanks to chance encounter at a dinner party led me to volunteer as a mentor at Princeton University’s Keller Center’s accelerator program, known as E-lab, I ventured into the startup world. I forged meaningful relationships and crossed paths with Ryan Shearman, now co-founder and CEO of Aether Diamonds.

I reached out when I read about Aether in Fast Company article. Fast forward to 2023, and I’m privileged to collaborate with Aether in Miami.

Partnr305, my brainchild, initially started as an art concierge program. Alongside this, I committed myself to advocacy work for recovery and mental health (a topic that deserves its own interview). My second venture into the Miami art scene didn’t quite take off as I had hoped.

I’ve revitalized Partnr305 by reconnecting with Aether and launching a glass waste project in Miami, expanding our Partnrship to include humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

Can you provide an overview of Partnr305’s mission and its role in promoting sustainability and innovation in Miami Beach?

Partnr305 is tackling business challenges with turnkey solutions!

I’m offering my consulting services to brands that want to use their eco-friendly products as a voice for change, whether their end client is the consumer, wholesaler, or municipality.

We support Miami as a sustainability and innovation hub by partnring with exceptional engineers like Aether Diamond’s co-founders and manufacturers for our Glass Waste initiative – which involves in recycling and repurposing tens of thousands of tons of Miami’s glass waste.

Our goal? To revolutionize how people think about and solve environmental issues. My core approach involves strategic partnerships to magnify the impact of sustainable practices, foster innovation, and advance education in environmental and humanitarian efforts.


Aether Diamonds is an impressive example of one of your partnerships. Can you tell us more about the unique aspects of this collaboration and how it aligns with your mission?

Miami is ground zero for the negative environmental impact, a technology hub, and a luxury capital, making it the perfect place to showcase the world’s first carbon capture diamonds. With Aether, we are giving Miami’s luxury D2C shoppers and B2B retailers and exclusively rare opportunity: the ability to contribute to environmental preservation and humanitarian aid through the purchase of a diamond.

Miami provides an ideal backdrop for Partnr305 to thrive and make a meaningful difference in these crucial conversations and initiatives, given our focus on addressing climate change and the opioid and mental health epidemics out community faces.

Miami is renowned for its luxury and glamor, often called the “Magic City.” We see this magic as the power to influence events positively. We view influencers as a force for positive change, particularly in the context of environmental sustainability and substance use.

I’m here to collaborate with the community. This encompasses influencers and authority figures. I define humanitarians and environmentalists as those dedicated to advocating for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and policy reforms. The city is at the forefront of these vital conversations and solutions!

Aether Diamonds is not only a luxury brand but also a B-Corp-certified company focused on addressing the climate crisis. How does this partnership redefine environmental sales for the modern age?

Aether Diamond’s traceability, B-Corp certification, and carbon negativity are revolutionary in the diamond market.

By utilizing captured CO2 to create Atmospheric Methane, which serves as the primary feedstock for growing their diamonds, every carbon atom in an Aether Diamond originates from captured carbon. They exemplify how technology combined with luxury can play a pivotal role in addressing the climate crisis.

Being the only certified B-corp diamond company on the planet, Aether has voluntarily met the highest social and environmental performance standards defined by a credible third party. These standards cover key areas, including governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

Additionally, Aether’s lab-grown diamonds are made from 100% atmospheric CO2, whereas most regular lab-grown diamonds source their carbon from fossil fuels that cannot be traced.
And finally, each diamond is carbon-negative; 100% of the carbon that makes an Aether diamond comes from the atmosphere. The manufacturing process is carbon neutral, and the diamond sequesters carbon, making the end product carbon negative.

Aether Diamonds symbolizes the potential of innovation driven by a deep-seated desire for a healthier and more hospitable planet. The redefine luxury while positively impacting the environment and humanity.

extract from Time Magazine feature of Aether diamonds

Repurposing glass waste into a “synthetic glass foam aggregate” is an innovative approach. How does this process enhance Miami’s infrastructure, conserve water, and contribute to reducing waste in landfills?

Here’s the lowdown on what we’re doing with our Glass Waste Initiatives. Miami does not recycle its glass; Partnr305 is offering a revenue-generating, cost-efficient environmental solution.

We teamed up with a manufacturer that, for decades, has been turning recycled glass into “synthetic foam glass aggregate”. It is being used as lightweight fill for roads, bridge abutments, retaining walls, and green roofs. By doing so, we not only divert Miami’s glass from landfills but also repurpose local glass waste for construction and repair projects in Miami-Dade County.

And if you’re in the hospitality business, you’ll love this part. By getting on board and signing up for glass recycling with us, businesses can be trendsetters in sustainable operations, cut their environmental footprint, and attract eco-conscious travelers.

According to a survey conducted by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau in 2020, 68% of visitors to Miami reported that sustainability practices were important or very important when deciding where to travel.

Embracing the circular economy, we are reusing, remanufacturing, and repurposing materials. Recycling on steroids!

In a nutshell, we’re turning old liquor bottles into recycled glass superstars, making Miami a magnet for 7 out of 10 environmentally conscious tourists. Reduced landfill waste increased eco-friendliness, and innovation across various industries.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important in various industries, what advice would you offer to businesses looking to embark on similar eco-friendly initiatives and partnerships?

Jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon and implement! Educate yourself on the SDGs. When you start taking green steps, let me help you. (wink and smile)

It’s about breaking down those walls between industries and realizing everything is interconnected. Take my situation, for instance. I’m in the luxury game, but I’ve also got my fingers in the government, hospitality, education, mental health, and recovery program pies. You might be wondering how on earth glass waste, diamonds, and opioid advocacy all fit together. It’s about recognizing the common thread that runs through them all – our shared humanity and their impact on our environment.

Every little action we take and every purchase we make has a ripple effect. Think about the bartender pouring your drink or the person selling you that shiny diamond – how’s their mental well-being, and what will happen to that empty bottle afterward? We are all connected!

I’m focusing on solutions in the hospitality industry, but it’s equally important to raise awareness about critical issues like substance abuse and the mental health epidemic in the tourism-driven economy of Miami-Dade. This epidemic nationwide affects 75% of our working population, impacts our tourism and youth, and costs us a lot economically. These issues aren’t just statistics; they affect me, you, our families, and friends.

Alignment with SDGs: My work aligns with several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including:

  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being
  • Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Goal 13: Climate Action

As you know Mana Fashion is a community-based fashion organization, based in Downtown Miami. How can our community help with Partnr305’s mission?

I’m truly honored to be part of the VOC (Voices of our Community) and grateful for your questions, Aleksandra. Miami’s community spirit is truly something special, and Mana Fashion is a prime example of how we all come together to make things happen.

When it comes to helping with Partnr305’s mission – connecting people and businesses to achieve common goals – as a small business owner and entrepreneur, I can’t do it alone. Support for my efforts is what I need.

Support from the community can take different forms. Of course, financial support is great, but introductions to folks with influence and connections here in Miami are equally important to moving my current projects along. As well as referrals for more Partnrships.

I’ve been fortunate to connect with prominent figures in the hospitality and retail industries, and the community’s warm reception has been incredible. I am actively cultivating these relationships and seeking Partnrs who share the same level of commitment.

It often takes one person to open doors. When we join forces towards a common goal, everyone wins – economically and environmentally!

So, to those I’ve reached out to and am still waiting on, you know who you are (wink wink), let’s Partnr!

How can eco-conscious readers get involved and get in touch with you?

  1. Instagram: @partnr305
  2. Website: www.partnr305.com
  3. Email: info@partnr305.com
  4. Connectress Newsletter: Tailored for Miami small businesses and entrepreneurs. Monthly updates about grants, free interns, tech and environmental expos, networking, and resources. Sign up here!

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