The Voices of our Community: Lisu Vega

An exclusive interview with Lisu Vega, a multidisciplinary artist blending handmade and digital media, emphasizing sustainability through recycled materials and redefining traditional processes in contemporary art.

Feb 13, 2024 · 4 Minute Read

Can you share the story of how you first became interested in design, and what inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

At the age of 6, my grandmother was a seamstress, and everything I know is from her. I believe that learning alongside her was the best way to explore the human body and how to construct pieces, using the remaining fabric from the garments she would be sewing at the time.

Your designs often incorporate a unique blend of art and fashion. What is your overarching design philosophy, and how do you approach the creative process?

“The body is a canvas to express my emotions.” I believe that fashion is an expression of contemporary art. My approach to fashion is like creating a body sculpture, especially since it’s not based on a previous sketch. One of the strongest parts of my process is creating the first piece using recycled materials and then translating it into a ready-to-wear version inspired by wearable art. This is a life cycle where sustainability has no limits.

The design industry is known for its dynamism and constant evolution. What challenges have you encountered in your career, and how have you tackled them?

I have modified the way I create and produce every single collection. I now produce a local collection annually, that merges art and fashion, which allows for an extended creation process and ensures alignment with market needs.

Who or what serves as your primary sources of inspiration, and how do you maintain creative inspiration in your daily life?

Life itself is a huge inspiration. I believe that art is the best way to make a catharsis of many different situations in life. During this artistic process, I love to take pictures of the places or people that inspire me.

Vega showed her latest collection during Miami Fashion Week on January 26th, 2024Vega showed her latest collection during Miami Fashion Week on January 26th, 2024.

Technology has transformed the design landscape. How do you leverage technology in your work? Do you see any emerging trends or tools that excite you?

I love the manual process. I believe my pieces, like a puzzle, are connected until I finish, and after this, I register photographic transfer in a fabric and create a ready-to-wear design. With the remaining fabric, I connect them to create the art pieces, and the sustainability cycle continues.

With increasing emphasis on sustainability in various industries, what role does environmental consciousness play in shaping your creative decisions?

I not only reuse all leftover fabrics and create my own textiles but also take detailed photos for inspiration to transfer onto fabric. With all these elements combined, I continue the artistic process, resulting in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect my commitment to sustainability and creativity.

How do you navigate the balance between creative expression and meeting the demands of the market? Can you share insights into the business side of Lisu Vega’s brand?

I merge art and fashion. My art pieces range from art to wearable art pieces. Of course, these pieces are focused on a market that values environmental consciousness, local production, and the meticulous upcycling process. I create them manually and in limited quantities, maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability throughout.

Your work is deeply connected to the vibrant city of Miami. Can you share what drew you to this location and how the city’s culture and atmosphere influence your creative process?

Miami connects me with the city I’m from. My first photographic project between art and fashion was to connect me with the city. I love to walk around Little Haiti, which is where my studio is located. The music and people in that area have always inspired me.

What’s next for Lisu Vega?

To continue the exploration between art and fashion, I’m planning to participate in artist residencies and further integrate my work, combining art and fashion with a strong focus on sustainability.

How can the Mana Fashion community learn more about you and your projects?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email at or explore my work on Instagram @lisuvega. You can also visit my website at

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