The Voices of our Community: Lia Terni

Founder Lia Mariotto provides us with insights into the concept of "sustainable jewelry" and how she incorporates eco-gold and recycled materials into her designs to produce stunning contemporary pieces.

May 5, 2023 · 3 Minute Read

What inspired the creation of Lia Terni the brand?

Lia Terni is a contemporary bridal jewelry brand that was founded in 2006. The creator, Lia Mariotto, finished her jewelry studies in Madrid and wanted to express herself through unconventional formats. Her first collection was Jewelry for the Body. As she matured creatively, she developed a passion for tiaras. With a fashion background, Lia noticed the disconnect between the fashion industry and the bridal industry, which led her to embrace contemporary bridal jewelry.

Woman in wedding dress

What makes Lia Terni a sustainable brand?

Lia Terni’s evolution was driven by the desire to protect sources and people related to the production chain. The brand uses FAIRMINED GOLD or RECYCLED GOLD for wedding bands and engagement rings. Lia also repurposes family stones, which reduces the need for new stones to be mined. For tiaras, repurposed brass is used, and the brand is constantly researching lower environmental impact materials like ceramics or fabrics. All products are produced in the USA or Spain. Lia Terni’s commitment to sustainability is based on conscious and ethical practices that promote the least social and environmental impact.

Forging a ring with fairmined gold

Can you share a bit about your career journey?

I was born in Brazil and studied Business. Then I moved to England to study Fashion at the London College of Fashion and later studied jewelry design at the Art School of Madrid #3, Spain. I have always been in the accessory field and have incorporated sustainability into my professional life since 2010

What is Eco Gold or Fairmined Gold?

Eco Gold, also known as Fairmined Gold, is gold that is extracted by small-scale miners with the least social and environmental impact. There is no child labor, no chemicals, and the extraction process respects small-scale mining techniques. A 15% premium is paid by each gram of gold used, which is reinvested in infrastructure and education for the communities involved.

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Where can consumers find Lia Terni’s products besides online?

Lia Terni has partnered with several shops across the USA, including California, Colorado, Chicago, NY, Seattle, Minnesota, and Miami. Lia is open to participating in pop-ups, including the Mana Fashion Pop-up Bazaar in Miami in November. We would also like to do a jewelry workshop.

Woman forging a ring of fairmined gold

How can the community help Lia Terni’s growth?

The community can help by educating consumers about sustainable options and promoting conscious brands and ethical practices.

What changes would Lia Terni like to see in Miami’s fashion industry?

Lia Terni hopes that Miami can be seen as more than just a swimwear destination and recognized for its potential in other fashion industries.

What challenges has Lia Terni faced building a business in Miami?

Lia Terni’s business primarily operates online or B2B related, which has its unique set of challenges.

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What marketing tools does Lia Terni use effectively to promote the brand?

Lia started with Bridal shows to promote the brand and connect with buyers. However, she also relies on digital marketing to promote the brand effectively.

How can people learn more about Lia Terni’s brand?

For more information on Lia Terni’s brand, consumers can visit the website liaterni.com or follow Lia Terni’s social media handles on Instagram and Facebook. They can also email the brand for any inquiries at info@liaterni.com.

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