The Voices of our Community: Gabriel Salcedo

Celebrating Excellence: Gabriel Salcedo's Journey to Receiving Mana Fashion’s Excellence Award for ‘RTW Brand of the Year’

Apr 22, 2024 · 5 Minute Read

Gabriel, could you kindly provide some insights into your background within the realm of fashion?

I possess an unconventional journey in the realm of fashion. My path diverged from the traditional trajectory, as formal education within the field was not part of my story. Instead, from a remarkably young age, I demonstrated a keen discernment for style. Even as a child of three, I found myself advising my parents on sartorial matters. This innate inclination towards enhancing the aesthetic appeal and confidence of individuals served as the catalyst for my journey. As I matured, my natural talent blossomed, garnering recognition from those around me who admired my sense of dress. Despite lacking formal training, I found myself imparting style advice, albeit with a certain frustration towards the limitations of ready-made garments. This frustration ultimately propelled me into the realm of garment creation, as I endeavored to refine everyday pieces to better suit the contemporary individual. Prior to my foray into fashion, I spent a decade honing my skills as a barber, an experience that significantly influenced my perspective on personal presentation.

In navigating your creative process, how do you manage to harmonize tradition with innovation?

My reverence for tradition stems from the sartorial legacy passed down through generations, particularly embodied by my grandfather. His impeccable sense of style, characterized by timeless cuts and enduring elegance, left an indelible mark on my aesthetic sensibilities. Witnessing his attire retain its relevance across decades instilled in me a deep appreciation for enduring design. However, this reverence for tradition does not impede my pursuit of innovation. Instead, it serves as a foundation upon which I endeavor to push boundaries and redefine contemporary fashion. I seek to imbue classic elements with a modern twist, thereby ensuring that my creations remain both rooted in heritage and relevant to the evolving tastes of the present era.

Gabriel Salcedo

When it comes to selecting fabrics and materials for your collections, what considerations inform your choices?

The selection of fabrics and materials constitutes a pivotal stage in my creative process, one that is guided by a meticulous approach. Prior to delving into material sourcing, I undertake a comprehensive exploration of the thematic underpinnings of my collection, delineating the color palette and overarching inspiration. Armed with this conceptual framework, I embark on a quest to procure the finest fabrics available, each chosen to align seamlessly with the envisioned aesthetic. Whether it be the luxurious softness of cashmere wool for a tailored suit or the breezy elegance of linen for a summer ensemble, every fabric selection is imbued with intentionality. Yet, the process of sourcing materials often yields serendipitous discoveries, with unexpected finds enriching the creative tapestry of each collection. In essence, the journey of fabric exploration serves as a collaborative endeavor, wherein the materials themselves become instrumental partners in the realization of my creative vision.

Your brand espouses a celebration of individuality and self-expression. How do you ensure that your designs resonate with a diverse array of consumers?

Central to my design philosophy is a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and versatility. I approach each design with a critical inquiry into its enduring appeal across diverse demographics and age brackets. Reflecting on my own evolution as a consumer of fashion, I endeavor to create pieces that transcend temporal confines, resonating with individuals at various stages of life. Fundamental to this endeavor is a profound appreciation for the enduring nature of style, which transcends fleeting trends and seasonal dictates. Each garment is imbued with a timeless quality, inviting wearers to imbue it with their unique essence and personal narrative. In essence, my designs aspire to serve as enduring companions throughout life’s multifaceted journey, adapting and evolving alongside the individuals who don them.

Gabriel SalcedoGabriel Salcedo’s New Pop-up in Miami’s Design District

What prompted your decision to establish both yourself and your brand within the vibrant milieu of Miami?

The genesis of my journey in Miami was not merely a matter of choice, but rather a convergence of personal history and serendipitous circumstance. Following my family’s relocation from New Jersey during my formative years, Miami emerged as the backdrop against which my creative journey unfolded. Despite subsequent sojourns to New York, the allure of Miami proved irresistible, eventually solidifying its status as my definitive home. Beyond its geographical appeal, Miami encapsulates a dynamic fusion of cultural influences and creative energies, providing an enriching milieu for the realization of my artistic vision.

Could you elaborate on the inspiration behind your designs, particularly with regard to any consistent muses or influences?

At the heart of my creative process lies a profound reverence for the empowered, self-assured individual—a muse emblematic of unyielding confidence and unwavering authenticity. This muse transcends conventional notions of beauty, embodying a spirit of independence and resilience. Her allure emanates not from adherence to societal norms, but rather from a steadfast commitment to self-expression and individuality. In essence, she serves as a guiding beacon, inspiring designs that reflect her innate grace and unapologetic confidence.

Gabriel Salcedo

Where can members of the Mana Fashion community find more information about your projects?

For those seeking further insights into my creative journey and ongoing projects, I invite you to explore our digital presence via Instagram. Our official handle, @gabrielsalcedo_, offers a curated glimpse into the world of Gabriel Salcedo, while my personal account, @senorgabrielsalcedo, provides a more intimate perspective on my creative process. Additionally, our website, serves as a comprehensive hub for exploring our collections and engaging with our vibrant community of enthusiasts.

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